Access Portal 2.2

Ready to save time?

Our latest management software Access Portal 2.2 is all about making access control quicker and easier.  That starts with our customers being able to enjoy software upgrades for free, along with 24-hour support.

One of the most innovative features of this release is our virtual hardware.  You can now setup and configure a site before ever stepping foot on the premises – which adds up to reduced time on site and a smoother installation.

We’ve put in a new integration option, updated the server configuration tools and even provided the ability to forewarn you if you’re creating a duplicate area (if you’re working on a large site, this is a must have).

There’s also a specially created lift module to easily configure elevators and lifts; while our batch operation provides an easy to use wizard that guides you through updating multiple records.

Another great new feature is our easy-to-use firmware upgrade tool. With a click of a button, you can upgrade the controller and associated hardware, or view the equipment attached to a controller, within a great new user interface.

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