Protecting your assets

Our education access control solution has been developed to specifically meet the requirements for school and campus safety and security, whilst ensuring ease of access for students, faculty and staff members.

Our “one card” solution provides an unrivalled level of convenience for access to buildings, libraries, residential facilities and even cashless vending at canteens.

The traditional enrolment season is further streamlined with the result that student enrolment can be taken down from weeks, to just a few days.

The added benefit is that this card is immediately activated and can be used on the same day, to gain access to their authorised locations.

No longer does this have to be just a physical access card, users can also enjoy the same features with a virtual credential on their mobile phones – meaning less lost cards and the ever-present risk of card sharing.

Whether you have one campus, or many hundreds of campuses, our solution is able to quickly and easily scale to meet your needs.