Ensuring a safe and secure workplace

Every day, millions of people and their associated businesses around the world rely on Impro’s access control solutions, and have done for over 30 years.

It is this unrivalled depth of experience and understanding that continues to ensure our success in the enterprise sector.

In creating an enterprise solution, we use the analogy of an onion with its many layers.

By layering the different elements of the access control system – from the perimeter entrance, into public areas and offices, to highly restricted areas – we are able to create a balanced solution that meets an enterprises’ exacting security needs, without compromising convenience.

We also understand that enterprises globally have a variety of needs, each as unique as their businesses. To this end, our system provides a host of features specially designed for large enterprises, straight of the shelf.

The system can be further customised, to individual business needs or even specific users, quickly and easily – making it one of the most convenient and easiest access control systems on the market.

Specialist integrations with other business software, such as HR management systems, intrusion, or CCTV systems, is also quickly achieved through our purpose-built API.

Our enterprise solutions include biometric readers, automatic number plate recognition, anti-cloning tags, mobile phone credentials and more.