Feature rich with simple scalability

Access Portal Enterprise brings a new dimension to access control systems, by unleashing a new tier of functionality. No longer does just the size of your site determine an Enterprise solution, but rather the business value that you require your access control system to deliver.

Convergence is where Access Portal Enterprise meets your needs, today and tomorrow – where a broad spectrum of solutions are deployed throughout your organisation, but converge with Enterprise – this could be as simple as time & attendance, to logistics, production management or  supply chain. Further, our class-leading API enables the seamless integration of additional services, specific to your business needs.

User convenience is addressed with Access Portal Enterprise where a single credential can be used to access a variety of facilities – from a door, to computer, to canteen or vending machines. Further, this credential no longer needs to be a physical tag or card, but can be a virtual credential on the user’s mobile phone.

The powerful software incorporates a variety of high-end features from one-click threat level, to scheduled tours and advanced zoning features that quickly provide information on exactly who is on your site.

Installation and management features include the ability to connect the hardware over a WAN with built-in auto identification, as well as system diagnostics and associated built-in alerts.

Access Portal Enterprise is about complete control, whether it’s one site, or one thousands sites.  The power is in your hands. 

Who should use Access Portal Enterprise?

The software has been designed for large sites, including multi-site applications, such as:

  • Large industry and manufacturing
  • Tertiary institutions
  • Petrochemical and mining
  • Banking and finance
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