Trusted Technology for Access Control: Elevating Security and Efficiency

We are pleased to announce the launch of Access Portal V5.0, the culmination of 10 years of customer engagement and innovation. With this release, we have updated Access Portal’s security libraries to help our customers improve their compliance with internal security standards and controls. This version is not just security focussed; it also includes new integrations and powerful new functionality.

Control iD – Face iD Integration

At the centre of this new upgrade is the integration of a new facial recognition brand, Control iD, recently acquired by Assa Abloy. Face iD is a facial recognition device containing a high-quality algorithm which enables face liveness detection, authentication of mask-wearing users and identification of up to 10,000 faces (1: N). This device works natively within Access Portal and can easily be added, via Wiegand or OSDP, to any of your existing Impro controller hardware. User enrolment is extremely intuitive and can be done via live capture of your users’ faces using a webcam and plug-in manager. In addition to its high capacity and accuracy, Face iD is also versatile, complete with the ability to support QR codes. Access Portal V5 also supports Control iD’s ID Access Pro fingerprint readers.

Access Portal V5 also supports Control iD’s ID Access Pro fingerprint readers.

iTRT2 Distributed Controller (System Controller Mode)

This new version allows you to leverage the complete benefits of Impro’s recently released iTRT2 controller.

This means that you can use an iTRT2 in system controller mode (APC) which allows you to have cost-effective redundancy, with full validation at every door. The auxiliary relay and extra inputs are configurable from the software if you need extra IO. The iTRT2 also supports OSDP communication, thus raising the level of security on your edge devices. The iTRT2 is now available with a sealable plastic box to protect it from the installed environment. A version in a metal box, complete with integrated power supply, is also available for order from March 2024.

Aperio & Abloy EL Series Locks

Impro has chosen to integrate deeply into the Assa Abloy portfolio of products, and we are excited to unveil our new hardware level integration into Aperio. We now offer full redundancy for Aperio installations with Access Portal V5 via Impro’s Enterprise controllers. This brings the integration in line with Impro’s robust architecture, where controllers are the decision-making backbone. There is no single point of failure and up time is ensured. Enterprise controllers can now manage up to 64 Aperio locks via 4 Aperio IP hubs. This is a best-in-class integration, which offers you support for extra functionality like “Office Mode,” allowing you to leverage the best features of the Aperio family of digital locks.

Another hardware integration supported by Access Portal V5 is Abloy’s EL series locks with the EL version of the iTRT2 controller. This controller variant allows you to connect an EL lock (like the Abloy EL560 or EL561) and leverage all the locks’ outputs. You then have access to an audit trail showing everything that goes on at the door. You can track whether the door was opened via a physical key, and be alerted when it has been forced open or kept open too long. This deep physical integration with the EL lock is the first of its kind globally!

Scheduled Reports

A much-anticipated feature is the ability to schedule the dissemination of access reports via email. This feature is now available under the reports section of Access Portal. You can now customise any report and distribute it daily, weekly, monthly, or at your preferred frequency.  You have greater control over your site, with streamlined monitoring and management.

Hosted Visitor

Portal V5.0 facilitates the secure hosting of on-site visitors. A host can chaperone one or more visitors, with access points opening once both the visitor and hosts’ credentials have been presented.

Database Encryption

Impro has responded to the growing threat of cyberattacks with an ongoing program of cybersecurity improvements. This release of Access Portal includes support for the database encryption that can be configured on the SQL Server installation, as part of that cybersecurity improvement program. Impro Support can assist with details on SQL Server encryption & configuration.

Credential Management Automations

A new feature automates the suspension of unused tags and the deletion of expired credentials. Unattended and unused credentials pose a threat to security. This automation feature removes these threats without requiring ongoing monitoring and administration.

Idemia Matcher Support

During Idemia fingerprint enrolment, duplicate fingerprints are rejected if they already exist in the database. This protects the integrity of the Idemia readers’ databases so they continue to discriminate effectively between valid and invalid templates.

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