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Here are some commonly asked questions

Access in a Box can operate with no server on site, so where are the records stored?

All records are stored on the embedded software controller; and can be managed or viewed through a web browser. You would also access the basic reporting functions in the same way. As your site grows, you can simply migrate everything onto a PC and in time, a server. No rip and replace, no database hassle, just enter the license key for the next tier of Access Portal and you’re done.

Any recommended cable for outdoor application?

Surfix 3 core, with a heavy-duty rating would be recommended

Are the Salto locks integrated on Access Portal?

No, we selected the Aperio wireless locks as our preferred locking solution and this is seamlessly integrated into Access Portal.

Are the Suprema readers integrated and which ones?

Yes, we have integrated a number of Suprema readers and will continue to expand the range.

Can Access Portal be used as a time & attendance solution?

Access Portal provides very basic time monitoring through its reports. However, there are a number of T&A solutions that have integrated to Access Portal. Again, if your supplier hasn’t, it can be done through the use of our API.

Can Access Portal do a body count?

A zone occupancy report is possible from Access Portal Basic, Pro and Enterprise. The software also has a zone counting feature.

Can an IXP220 card registration reader be used on the Access Portal system?

Yes, if the card reader is an MDE900 or HRN980, desk registration reader.

Can any reader in the range of 125khz and 13.56Mhz work on Access Portal?

The Access Portal hardware supports all wiegand readers that conform to the wiegand specification, and any readers from the Impro product range. These include those that read 125kHz & 13.56MHz credentials as well as UHF, in the case of long range readers.

Can CCTV be integrated into Access Portal?

Yes, through our API you can undertake a custom integration with CCTV systems. In addition, there are existing system already integrated.

Can I connect a plastic Wiegand module with an IPS cluster controller?

The controller is married to a module, and they must be a matching pair. The plastic controller with the plastic reader module; the IPS controller with the IPS reader module.

Can I control Access Portal remotely through my mobile phone?

Yes this can be done. The server needs to connected to the remote device via a VPN or internet connection. Meanwhile, the Access Portal interface is accessed through a web browser on your phone, tablet or computer.

Can I enrol directly on the BMTA or must I use the "hamster"?

The BMTA does not support enrollment on the device, only the “hamster”. You also cannot use other enrollment devices, even those sold by Impro.

Can I get a system with a built-in surge protector?

Given the wide variety of surge protectors available, and the differing needs for each site, we do not provide these – however they are easily available from your local electrical distributor.

Can I remove a tagholder in Access Portal?

Yes, you can delete the tagholder entirely if you have the necessary permission (ensuring GDPR compliance), or you can disable or archive the tagholder.

Can I run Access Portal with IXP400?

These are two different systems, with Access Portal being the latest generation solution offered by Impro. For more information on upgrading from IXP400 to Access Portal, visit our web site.

Can I use a mix of reader modules with a controller?

Yes, this is one of the big benefits of the Access Portal hardware. One controller can have a Wiegand reader module, an Antenna reader module and/or an IO8 module – in plastic, or IPS variants.

Can I use a reader on one door, but the DOS on another door?

Yes, On Access Portal the DOS input associated with that reader port, can be used on a different door.

Can I use a single database system to run multiple sites?

Yes you can, as long as the Access Portal server is connected to the controllers at the remote site, for example, through a VPN. This will enable you to operate one database and server machine.

Can I use Access Portal Basic for multiple clients?

Yes, you can download the software and simply register each version when on site with the customer.

Can I use biometrics on the free software?

Yes, biometrics can be used with Access Portal Basic, our free software which can be downloaded from our web site.

Can I use HIKVision facial readers in Access Portal?

We currently don’t offer this integration, however it has been undertaken by one of our distributors. Contact for more information.

Can I use my smartphone as a credential?

Yes, we have integrated the relevant HID Global readers and their Mobile Access solution, to enable this functionality

Can I use the BMTA with other access control systems or only Impro?

The BMTA is an Impro product designed for Impro’s systems and will not operate on competitor products.

Can I use the Impro BMTA (biometric multidisciplinary time & attendance) reader with Access Portal?

Yes, the BTMA is supported in Access Portal Basic (our free software), as well as in the Pro and Enterprise variants.

Can I use the IXP220 controller with an iTRT door controller, on Access Portal Basic?

The legacy IXP220 system controller would need to be replaced, however the iTRTs and readers are fully compatible with the Access Portal software. In addition, our cluster controller can easily be converted to a door controller, or controller with the flick of a switch.

Can I use third party MIFARE cards with the Impro system

We only recommend using the Impro cards, as these are guaranteed to work on our systems and are backed by our warranty.

Can iTRTs and EC2s work with Access Portal?

The iTRT’s have been integrated into Access Portal, so will operate without issue. However, the EC2s are legacy hardware and would need to be upgraded to the Access Portal cluster controller or application controller, depending on the size of the site.

Can other OEM brands be integrated into Access Portal?

Our API provides a lot of flexibility for third-party integrations, and numerous companies have already integrated with Access Portal globally, however more information would be required on the device to advise further. For more information on our API, email

Can the controller keep working if the connection with the server is lost?

Yes, the controller has it’s own “brain” built-in and will maintain the rules it was given by the server, until the connection is restored. Once the connection is restored, the transactions are automatically uploaded to the server for a full audit trail – up to 100,000 transactions can be recorded at the controller level.

Can the I/O ports on a reader module be used for alarm inputs, when using Access Portal Basic?

Yes, the I/O ports can be used for external inputs as long as they are within the specified voltage range. This type of functionality is also supported in Access Portal Basic, Pro and Enterprise.

Can the MIFARE 1K series work with your Multi Discipline Reader (MDR)?

Yes, our reader is compatible with these cards

Can the system manage a mantrap?

Yes, this can be configured within the software, to ensure one door will not open until the first door closes securely.

Can we use the MSO300 to enroll fingerprints on the HID RB25F or the Impro BMTA?

No, the devices are not inter-compatible. The RB25F only enrolls fingerprints on the device, whilst the BMTA only enrolls through the “hamster”.

Can you use PoE+ to power over ethernet infrastructure?

Unfortunately this is currently not available.

Do we have to purchase a license for Idemia readers to work on Access Portal?

If the readers are purchased from Impro there is no license fee, however if they are purchased elsewhere, for use on an Impro system, a license is required as these integrations were implemented for the benefit of Impro customers.

Do we have to use the Impro 433.92 transmitter, or can we use another brand with the same frequency?

Only Impro products are recommended and, should an alternative product be used, your warranty can be affected and we will be unable to provide technical support.

Do you have a feature which requires more than one tag to open a door?

Yes, this is available in both IXP400i and Access Portal, whereby any two valid tags will open the door, but a single valid tag will not.

Do you have a robust biometric or tag reader for industrial sites?

Yes, we have a few options available from Impro manufactured devices, to third party readers. Both offer biometric, credential and screen options depending on your specific needs. For more information email

Do you have a solution for where at least two people must be in a secured environment?

Yes, our system has the ability to accommodate up to five tags to open a door, and if only one tag is presented, the door will not open.

Do you have a wireless solution, rather than running cables?

We don’t offer a wireless solution, however you can purchase a point-to-point wireless device from your IT equipment supplier.

Do you have an installation manual for your readers?

A variety of manuals are available through the web site and our FTP facility.

Do you have demo boards that can be purchased for training/sales demos?

Yes, we offer these as a standard item on our price list. Please contact your local Impro distributor and they’ll be able to assist you further.

Do you have integrated ANPR solutions?

Yes, the Nedap ANPR solution is integrated with Access Portal, as are a number of their long range readers – ideal for vehicles and people

Do you need additional hardware for random search or is it only a software setting?

This is a feature in the Access Portal software suite.

Do you offer sticker tags?

Yes, we can offer sticker tags, along with button tags, wrist tags, virtual tags, quad tags, long range tags, credit card tags and more.

Does Access Portal have reports that could be used for the payroll system?

This would be a time and attendance system, which Access Portal is not, it simply provides some basic time reports. We recommend using a separate payroll system. A number of systems have integrated to Access Portal, and others may do so through the use of our API.

Does Access Portal include visitor management?

The visitor management module is an optional extra on Access Portal Pro and Enterprise

Does Access Portal operate on Linux?

This is in our development roadmap, but is not yet released. For now, Access Portal operates on Microsoft Windows.

Does Access Portal support the batch load of cards or tagholders?

Yes, there is a batch operations wizard that allows batch loading of cards and tagholders. There is also a feature to import tagholder and tag data from a CSV file, or spreadsheet.

Does the Idemia Morpho Wave Compact require an additional device for enrollment?

Yes, there is a batch operations wizard that allows batch loading of cards and tagholders. There is also a feature to import tagholder and tag data from a CSV file, or spreadsheet.

Does the Idemia Morpho Wave Compact require an additional device for enrollment?

No, enrollment is undertaken on the device.

During offline mode with no APB validations, how will the reports section show any of these transactions, if any?

During offline mode, controller(s) buffer the transactions until the connection to the server is restored. The buffered transactions are then syncronised to the server and will show up in the reports.

Have you got an installation manual for your products?

A variety of manuals, datasheets and other material is available from our web site, in the library.

How can I integrate a fire detection system into Access Portal?

We have a specially designed “Integration Server” utility for these kinds of applications. For more information, email

How do I upgrade from IXP400 to Access Portal?

We are currently offering a free consultation for customers upgrading from IXP400 to Access Portal – simply email for more information. In addition, we have a number of tools we’ve developed to make this process as smooth and as painless as possible. Lastly, our Client Services division also provide paid-for consulting and database management services. To see more about the benefits of upgrading, visit our web site.

How do we set the dip switch in the controller to move from Access Portal Lite (the embedded software on the controller) to the other variants of Access Portal?

For Access Portal Lite mode switch 1,3,4 is off and 2 is on. To set the controller for Basic, Pro or Enterprise, switch 1 and 4 are off and 2 & 3 are on.

How is Access in a Box serverless?

The software is embedded in the controller, free of charge, and serves up a webpage like a router does. You just type “” in your browser

How many Aperio wireless locks can be used with Access Portal?

The only limit is the number of doors in your version of Access Portal. For example, up to 5,000 doors can be managed in Access Portal Pro.

How many modules can be connected to one controller?

A single cluster controller can manage up to 8 modules or 16 readers, resulting in great cost savings as you don’t need a controller per door. Remember, when using the metal IPS enclosure, there is only space for one controller and four modules though.

How many remotes does a quad receiver manage?

The quad receiver is connected into the Wiegand reader module and cluster controller, giving you the ability to utilise thousands of quad remotes, due to the onboard processing power of the controller.

If the Impro server is installed on a virtual server, such as VMWare, does it use a lot of memory?

No more so than on a physical server. Memory used will depend on the size of the system, database, load on the system at the give time, etc.

Is Access Portal available in different languages, and what languages?

Our Access in a Box solution offers 10 languages, while the Access Portal suite offers English, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Arabic in the next release. In addition, if you want a different language, this can be easily achieved – simply email with your request.

Is Access Portal integrated into home automation systems such as Control4 and Elan?

No. Access Portal does not currently support any home automation protocols, simply due to lack of market demand.

Is Access Portal integrated with Cathexis CCTV?

Yes, Cathexis have integrated their system with Access Portal, and other suppliers are also able to with our API.

Is Access Portal version 4.0 compatible with the Portal handheld devices?

Not all devices are supported, as the manufacturers have discontinued some units. For more information, please email

Is it safe to use window cleaner on your biometric readers?

Impro products are built to be robust and hardy, and window cleaner will not cause any damage. However, should you have another brand, we recommend contacting the manufacturer.

Is the free software safe?

Yes, Access Portal Basic goes through the same rigorous standards as our Pro and Enterprise versions, and is only available for download from our web site. The only difference between the versions are some key features and system limits.

Is the HID biometric reader available in South Africa?

Yes, we have integrated this reader into Access Portal, along with Mobile Access (virtual credentials on your smartphone). For more information, contact your local Impro distributor or email We’ll also be hosting a webinar on this reader in the near future and will be announce dates on our social media pages.

Is the IXP range discontinued?

Did you know IXP was launched back in 2000 (20 years ago) and continues to be a popular choice worldwide? Despite its age, we continue to sell and support the range, however no further development will happen on the IXP range, only on Access Portal. Therefore, if you’re wanting future-proof technology, or latest features and integrations, this will only be available on Access Portal. For more information on upgrading from IXP to Access Portal, visit our web site.

Is the new Vision Pass from Idemia integrated into Access Portal?

This product has just been released and we are awaiting a sample from Idemia to evaluate and integrate into Access Portal.

Is there a license fee for using the HID RB25F on Access Portal?

If these units are purchased from Impro, there is no license fee. Only if the goods are purchased elsewhere and used on an Impro system, will you pay a license fee. This is applicable to all our integrations – Idemia, HID, Aperio, Suprema, Nedap etc. as these integrations were undertaken as a benefit for Impro customers.

Is there an additional cost for the SQL database?

SQL Server Express is the free version of SQL and is bundled automatically with Access Portal. Full SQL Server would be purchased from your IT supplier, however there is no cost from Impro to support the full SQL Server.

Should someone still install the Idemia Sigma Lite Bio with Coronavirus?

The selection of reader types would be at the discretion of the end user, however we do have alternative options for customers that do not want to use fingerprint readers. Visit our web site for more information, or email

Should the network cabling be done first?

Yes, this is recommended for communication between the server and controller. Network cabling is also an option for communication between controller and door controllers.

The default folder for version 4.0 of Access Portal is Program files x86. What will happen if I install it on the C drive?

You can install on the C drive with no adverse effects. The software will run as normal

The Idemia readers that are end of life, are there replacements and has this happened since last month?

Yes, Idemia took the decision to rationalise their Sigma range, in order to reduce the amount of variants available, during April. Only certain items of the Sigma range have been end-of-lifed, not the entire range. For more information, please contact your local Impro distributor or email

Upgrading an existing IXP 400 system to Portal Pro, system has bio readers, would new licences be required for the system or could one use the existing licences

The IXP400 licenses to unlock the Bio readers can be reused to unlock the same bio readers, on a Portal system.

We are using ZKTeco UHF readers but we are having challenges with enrolling the tags. Can you help?

We have not integrated ZKTeco into our system, therefore we cannot assist. You will have to contact ZKTeco directly for further assistance.

We quoted on Idemia readers, what should we do now with the EOL?

Remember, not all Sigma readers are gone – only some. Please contact your local Impro distributor for more information.

What are the minimum requirements to set up a BMTA (biometric multidiscipline time & attendance reader)?

The BMTA requires a controller and Access Portal Basic, Pro or Enterprise as well as the “hamster” enrollment reader.

What are the server specifications for the Access Portal suite?

Minimum requirements would be an Intel Xeon 3.5GHz processor, 4GM of RAM, 50GB of available disk space and a screen resolution of 1280×800.

What biometric readers are integrated into Access Portal?

We have a deep integration with a large range of the Idemia (formerly Morpho) biometric readers, as well as Suprema, HID and Nitgen readers. We are also fast-tracking our facial reader integrations, due to market demand.

What cabling is used for the SIR readers?

You only need to use three-core cable for the SIR readers, making this a great option for a quick and cost-effective solution.

What can be used as a single door solution?

The two best options would be Access in a Box (S-Series) or Access Portal Lite with the HID RB25F for a biometric option.

What database does Access Portal use and can it be integrated with Oracle?

The default database for Access Portal is SQL Server Express (free version of SQL limitted to 10GB, but otherwise the same as SQL Server). Access Portal can also work with other versions of SQL Server.

What distance can the wireless fobs work from?

They normally comfortably operate from 10 metres, however this is site dependent, so please take note of the installation guide instructions.

What does "hot swappable" mean and when would we use this?

“Hot swappable” means being able to change out equipment, without having to shut down the entire system. In this case, our reader modules provide this functionality for quick upgrades and/or maintenance.

What drawing formats are supported for the layout maps?

Jpeg and gif file formats are supported as map layouts in Access Portal Graphics Designer

What happens if I need to have more than 1,000 tagholders in Access Portal Basic?

Access Portal Basic supports up to 1,000 tagholders. If you need more, an upgrade to our paid software Access Portal Pro would be required.

What is the maximum cable distance for a reader to the module?

The maximum cable distance for a Wiegand reader module to the reader is 150m – that’s more than the length of a rugby or soccer pitch.

What is your warranty period for your products?

Our standard warranty is for three years, however if we undertake a site audit on your installation, to ensure the quality of installation, this can be extended to five years. Further, if you’re in South Africa, we have a genuine no-quibble warranty where you simply return an item for a straight swap-out.

What payroll software is integrated with Access Portal?

Xtime, CapeSoft and Jarrison have all undertaken integrations to Access Portal. In addition, other payroll software companies can integrate with our software using our API.

What third party devices has Impro integrated into Access Portal?

Our third party products include Idemia and Suprema biometric readers, Nedap long range readers and ANPR, Aperio wireless locks, a variety of HID readers including Mobile Access, and select Nitgen fingerprint readers.

What would you recommend for constant power cuts/failures?

Best practice would be to ensure the Access Portal server is connected to an UPS, while our IPS solutions come with a power supply and facility for a battery backup. Further to that, you can use any technology to back up your mains power (solar, generator, invertor etc.)

When I enroll people in the software, what format is this saved in? Can I transfer or import data?

Access Portal operates on the SQL Server platform, and we have developed the ability to download data into a CSV file and to import tag holder data from a CSV file for those that don’t use SQL.

When should an Application Controller be used?

The application controller is designed for use on larger sites, and is intended for use with Access Portal Enterprise.

Where can I get pricing for the products and different solutions?

Contact your local Impro distributor – we have a list of all our distributors on our web site, under contact us. Alternatively email and we’ll connect you with your nearest distributor.

Where do we find the hardware compatible tool?

This is available from our technical support team, who can be reached through the live chat function on our web site. Alternatively send an email to and they’ll send you the web link to download.

Where would you use the junction box reader, instead of the multidiscipline reader (MDR)?

The junction box reader is better suited for internal applications, whilst the MDR can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, space availability would also determine which reader you use.

Which controller should I use to replace the EC2 on an IXP400 site?

The EC2 has been upgraded to an application controller, which has the added benefit of increasing processing power and memory.

Which network cable should we use?

Cat 6 is recommended for best performance.

Who are your distributors?

We have a wide variety of distributors around the world. Please look at our web site, under contact us, for a full list with contact details.

Will the loud noise from industrial machines affect the communication between Impro's hardware?

No, you don’t have to worry about that. Sound waves have a very different frequency to radio frequency, and interference will not be an issue.

With Access in a Box, how do we register tagholders and access the system with our mobile phone if there is no server?

The cluster controller has embedded software built-in. The system is configured through a webpage. Simply type “” into your browser and a connection will be made to your controller. A webpage appears in your browser, and you can configure your system from there.

With the Covid-19 epidemic, what contactless solutions do you have?

We have a variety of options available which are highlighted on our web site – such as contactless biometrics, virtual credentials and traditional tags. We’re also busy integrating new facial readers.

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