Impro expands integration with facial readers

Impro Technologies, a leader in access control solutions, has announced that Hikvision’s Pro and Ultra facial readers are now integrated with their Access Portal software.

The integration follows increasing demand for facial readers due to the pandemic and, although Access Portal is already integrated with both Idemia and Suprema readers, market feedback indicated increased call for the inclusion of Hikvision.

Raffael Beires, product director for Impro Technologies, explained that whilst there were a number of third party integrations between their software and the devices, customers were wanting a seamless experience direct from the manufacturer.

“Whilst there were challenges given the lockdowns and remote work of the teams involved, I’m pleased to advise the integration has been concluded after many long hours by the development teams.  This means customers are able to enjoy a tested and supported integration direct from us, the developer of Access Portal.”

Features of the integration include:

  • Auto identification and installation of the devices with just a couple of clicks, meaning commissioning is quick and simple.
  • A guided template to ensure the best quality image is captured at enrolment to reduce the potential risk of false acceptance or high rejection rates.
  • The ability to manage the devices remotely through the software, for tasks such as firmware upgrades, or to reboot a reader.
  • Customisation of reader features like the temperature limits to ensure those displaying elevated temperatures can be denied entry.

“In addition, customers are assured of the highest security with end-to-end encryption, the ability to view live transactions as they happen and of course, our free 24-hour technical support,” said Beires.

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