Keeping access up to date

When was the last time you received something for free?

Something that could enhance your security, help manage your business, or put some extra money in the bank?

As a customer of Impro Technologies, you’re able to enjoy free software releases when using its Access Portal access control management software. This means customers continue to benefit through increased functionality and features, with each release of software.

Added to this, Impro Technologies charges no annual licence fee for Access Portal and provides free 24-hour technical support – making Access Portal one of the most cost-effective products in the industry.

The company’s latest software release focuses on reducing the configuration and installation time, as this is often the big risk factor for installers – the longer on site, the less profit.

One innovative feature that helps achieve this is the ability to configure a site with virtual hardware before going onsite. This reduces the installation time, as well as the risk of onsite problems, as the virtual hardware is simply replaced with physical devices when at the premises.

For the corporate office sector, which frequently use elevator and lift controls, the new version of Access Portal incorporates a purpose designed module that quickly guides users in the configuration and operation of elevators.

Another time saver is the new firmware upgrade tool to enhance your hardware. The tool makes upgrading devices quick and easy, with just one click.