Reliability, integrations and seamlessly scalable

Access Portal provides everything a large installation requires.

  • Feature rich software that can comfortably manage 1,000,000+ credential holders and their transactions, deep integrations with associated services, and the convenience of a web-based solution which eliminates the need for software deployment to client machines.
  • Robust hardware that is designed for some of the toughest environments, whilst still providing quick and easy installation, as well as seamless scalability – no rip and replace here.

Scalability out the box

Access Portal Enterprise software provides powerful features that you can customise for your specific needs, straight out the box. A similar method is enjoyed with our hardware, whereby you simply plug and play additional hardware to meet your site needs – with one controller being able to manage up to 64 doors, when coupled with door controllers.


  • Access Portal Enterprise also includes deep integrations with a variety of third party hardware:
  • Finger, hand and face biometric readersLong range readers
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) readers
  • Wireless locks

Want to custom build your needs?

Perhaps you’d rather create your own solution, rather than something pre-packaged? Easily done with the Access Portal range.

  1. One controller is all you need, as it will manage up to 16 doors, giving you unrivalled simplicity and cost-effectiveness. That controller also comes standard with software embedded on the unit, free of charge.
  2. Add in the module for your preferred technology:
    • Wiegand: most popular globally and enables the addition of biometric readers
    • S-Series: high security, anti-cloning credentials and highly cost effective
    • Antenna: proprietary technology for basic, low cost requirements
  3. Pick your readers that will be installed on the wall, based on the technology you chose above. Whether biometric, facial recognition or credential-based, we have an extensive range.

Need help with your solution?

Simply complete the form below and we’ll contact you to advise on the best solution for your needs – no obligation, no cost.