Powerful and cost-effective

Access Portal Basic software provides a feature rich access control solution, without the associated high cost.

Out the box, the software can manage up to 100 doors and 1,000 credential holders and comes standard with a variety of integrations:

  • Biometric readers
  • Long range readers
  • CCTV surveillance and VMS systems

Installation is also simplified with our auto-install function which automatically configures the hardware, to reduce the traditional time it takes to have a site operational.

Those needing additional functionality or expanded limits are catered for with Access Portal Pro which provides for up to 5,000 doors and 125,000 credential holders.

Hardware with unrivalled flexibility

The Access Portal hardware range provides everything you need for an access control solution. Our innovative cluster controller meets the demanding needs of customers around the world, whilst also reducing cost and installation time.

One controller can manage up to 16 doors simply by adding extra modules (but you can even take it up to 64 doors!).

Add in your preferred readers, whether Wiegand, Seos, Antenna or S-Series and the associated credentials, and you’ve got a solution that will see you through long into the future.

Simple scalability

The greatest benefit of Access Portal software and hardware is the simplicity of increasing a site. Gone are the days of rip and replace! Need to increase, simply add additional controllers and readers, and upgrade the software license to the next tier.

No more database migrations or hassle.


Want to custom build your needs?

Perhaps you’d rather create your own solution, rather than something pre-packaged? Easily done with the Access Portal range.

  1. One controller is all you need, as it will manage up to 16 doors, giving you unrivalled simplicity and cost-effectiveness. That controller also comes standard with software embedded on the unit, free of charge.
  2. Add in the module for your preferred technology:
    • Wiegand: most popular globally and enables the addition of biometric readers
    • S-Series: high security, anti-cloning credentials and highly cost effective
    • Antenna: proprietary technology for basic, low cost requirements
  3. Pick your readers that will be installed on the wall, based on the technology you chose above. Whether biometric, facial recognition or credential-based, we have an extensive range.

Need help with your solution?

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