Welcome to our project registration procedure, which aims to reward partners for specifying and installing large access control projects.


Why register your project?

  • Protect your hard-work in specifying Impro Technologies’ access control solutions.
  • Secure exclusive pricing to ensure you have the best price from the best access control provider.

How to register your project?

  • Click on register now to download the required forms.
  • Your Impro sales representative is available to assist and guide you through the forms, should you need.
  • Select your preferred vendors for the project.
  • Provide the required end user information for the project (this remains confidential).
  • Submit your request to the email address provided on the forms.
  • Receive confirmation of your registration and unique project number within two business days, along with your discounted quote.
  • Please note, completion of a submission does not guarantee registration approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register any project I work on?

As long as the project has a minimum order value of R50,000, you may register. To be eligible for the Take A Lot voucher promotion, the project must include a minimum of R30,000 of Access Portal equipment.

How long is my exclusive quote valid for?

Your Impro equipment pricing is valid for up to six months, whilst third party items are protected for up to three months.

Does my project registration expire?

Yes, the standard project registration is for 12 months, unless otherwise stated.

Are all Impro Technologies’ products available for project registration?

Project registration is exclusively offered for the Access Portal range of solutions.

Do I have to order the entire project at one time?

The choice is yours. You can place an order for the entire project, or you can split the order over a maximum of three months.

How do I make sure my discount is applied when I order?

Simply ensure your unique project number is listed on the order, which will validate your exclusive pricing.