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VisionPass is the newest addition to Idemia’s range of frictionless access control devices and is the most powerful facial recognition reader in the market. Meanwhile the MorphoWave Compact is an unique solution for frictionless fingerprint access control.

Both provide a world-class contactless solution, so whether you’re after facial recognition, or contactless fingerprint scanning – Idemia has the solution for you.

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Our deal for installers: Be the first to register the project and get a 5% discount on either product, as well as an additional R4,000 off per unit, and your price will be held until 30 June 2021. Valid until end of 2020

Milestone is a global leading video management system (VMS) provider. The Access Portal integration gives you the ability to quickly:

  • Index video footage with access control events
  • Search credential holders
  • View Live activities from the dashboard
  • See the status of doors
  • Unlock doors
  • View events and alarms
  • and a whole load more!

Our deal for installers: Get R5,000 off the Access Portal integration license. Valid until the end of 2020

The Nedap uPass range of readers are ideal for hands-free access control, with the ability to read credentials from a variety of distances – uPass Access up to 2 metres, uPass Reach for up to 5 metres, and uPass Target for 10 metres.

Our deal for installers: get 10% off the Access or Target readers. Valid until end 2020.

Suprema’s newly launched FaceStation F2 can detect and limit access for users not wearing masks, allows for remote user enrolment using a photo upload and combines with the thermal camera kit to identify elevated skin temperature; while the FaceStation 2 facial reader continues to provide incredible matching speed, coupled with high security.

Our deal for installers: Get 10% off either of these readers. Valid until end 2020