Access Portal


Indoor and outdoor use | Keypad, tag and biometric

Product overview

Access Portal’s reader range provides a variety of choice, to suit any application and installation. We offer indoor and outdoor readers, with a variety of footprints from the smallest reader to traditional junction box mountings.


Most readers are available as multi-discipline versions, ensuring legacy 125kHz proximity credentials (tags) and 13.56MHz ranges are able to be read.


The range includes fingerprint biometric readers, keypad readers
and non-keypad variants:

  • Multi-discipline readers with Seos and OSDP (MDR-SE)
  • Multi-discipline readers, with or without keypad
    (MDK/MDR and MDK+/MDR+)
  • Multi-discipline junction box readers, with or without keypad
  • LCD biometric time & attendance readers (MDTA/BMTA)
keypad tag and biometric readers


  • Indoor and outdoor variants
  • Keypad, non-keypad and biometric
  • 13.56MHz and 125kHZ
  • Compatible with all Access Portal equipment
    and software