Do you know who’s on your estate?

With our residential estate solution this is achieved with a simple, graphic interface that enables you to quickly identify people and their location. You can also assign “assets” to homes, such as vehicles, animals, staff … anything you need to record, as the system allows you to personalise the information recorded, to meet your specific needs.

Finding the information is also just as quick, with built-in reports that are accessible with just a few clicks.

Additional support products such as visitor management, also ensures no long queues at the entrance, or a laborious sign-in process. Residents are able to quickly issue visitor passes electronically, directly to the visitors mobile phone. Quickly and conveniently.

Those wanting even more convenience, we even have automatic number plate recognition, so your residents don’t even have to present their tag. Simply drive towards the entrance and the system automatically allows entry – a big bonus for exclusive estates where convenience is demanded, without impacting on their security.

The access control system can also scale to suit any sized estate – from just a few homes, to many thousands. It’s also able to integrate with a host of different security systems, such as CCTV and intrusion alarms, and works with the leading biometric devices – from fingerprints, to hands and faces!