Cost effective, easy to use

Small sites need simple, yet effective solutions that don’t cost the earth. Our Access Portal range of solutions includes specific products that meet the unique needs of smaller sites – no compromise on security, technology or ease of use!

The other benefit of choosing Access Portal is it is seamlessly scalable – no rip and replace because you need to expand the system.

The most convenient solution is Access in a Box. This provides all the basic equipment you need to setup an access control solution – from the secure metal housing, to your controller, readers and credentials; you simply add your cabling and locking accessories. We also have two variants available:

  • Wiegand: out-the-box equipment for two doors, and is ideal for customers wanting to add in biometric readers.
  • S-Series: standard equipment for four doors, including high security anti-cloning credentials. A highly cost effective solution, especially as your business grows.

All variants come with free software embedded into the controller – meaning you don’t even need a computer, as you can run your entire access control solution from your smart phone or tablet.
The software also ships with 10 languages, including English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, or you can undertake your own custom translation, as you need.


Want to custom build your needs?

Perhaps you’d rather create your own solution, rather than something pre-packaged? Easily done with the Access Portal range.

  1. One controller is all you need, as it will manage up to 16 doors, giving you unrivalled simplicity and cost-effectiveness. That controller also comes standard with software embedded on the unit, free of charge.
  2. Add in the module for your preferred technology:
    • Wiegand: most popular globally and enables the addition of biometric readers
    • S-Series: high security, anti-cloning credentials and highly cost effective
    • Antenna: proprietary technology for basic, low cost requirements
    • Pick your readers that will be installed on the wall, based on the technology you chose above. Whether biometric, facial recognition or credential-based, we have an extensive range.

You’re now all set!

Need help with your solution?

No problem, simply complete the form below and we’ll contact you to advise on the best solution for your needs – no obligation, no cost.

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