Enhance your security with our Suprema special promotion

Suprema is a leading global provider of biometrics readers, including both fingerprint and facial recognition.

By combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema has introduced innovations to the security industry over the last decades.

Suprema is one the world’s top 50 security manufacturers and has a worldwide sales network in over 140 countries with no.1 market share in biometric access control in the EMEA region.

Promotional offer

We’re running an exclusive promotion until 31 May 2022 on our range of Suprema biometric readers. During this time, you will receive a free unlock license with your reader, for use on Access Portal. This means you get all the benefit of an integrated solution into our class-leading access control software, at no extra cost.

This offer is available across the following Suprema devices:

  • FaceLite
  • FaceStation 2
  • Fusion
  • BioStation A2
  • BioStation 2
  • BioStation L2
  • BioLite N2
  • BioEntry W2
  • BioEntry P2

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