One of the greatest challenges facing estates today is

“ensuring a balance between increased security and minimum inconvenience.”

This philosophy resides as the heart of Impro’s Estate Portal solutions.The modern estate management solution needs to quickly provide a picture of who is in the estate and their inter-relationships, for example the residents and their vehicles, or residents and their domestic employees, or visitors. Add to this contractors, estate employees and visitors for events or sporting activities, and the picture can quickly become blurred.

Estate Portal’s detailed approach to creating profiles, and the linking of these profiles, allows a single system to deliver an holistic estate management framework that quickly gives the information required. For example, a domestic worker can be linked to a specific resident in the estate, and access rights given for certain times and days. At the click of a button, this information can be quickly accessed, for example to produce a list of all domestic workers on site, or all people associated with a particular property.

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