Biometrics and COVID-19

The current global COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns around the use of touch-based fingerprint biometric readers.  Many sites are suspending the use of biometrics in their access control solution – but this doesn’t have to be the case.

There are alternative ways to manage your site during these times:

Card-based credentials: our biometric readers allow for finger and card-based credentials. This means you can quickly deploy cards to all users for an immediate no-touch solution and, at a later stage, activate the biometrics for enhanced security. Alternatively, we have a wide range of non-biometric readers.

Virtual credentials: for even greater convenience, you can take your traditional card-based credential and place it in a device with Mobile Access – your credential is securely placed into your mobile phone or wearable, and you simply twist or tap the device to enter – no touch necessary.

No touch biometrics: whether it’s a no-touch hand reader, or facial recognition readers, we have differing solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Did you know?

You may be able to immediately deploy card credentials with your existing fingerprint reader.

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