Three reasons to upgrade & use access control

1. Data privacy

As a result of new legislation or regulatory requirements, your organisation may be required to increase its security, either to protect yourselves or the parent organisation. Implementing a new, more dynamic access control solution provides many benefits over maintaining older, legacy systems. Today, businesses face an environment of evolving threats, and the challenges of maintaining the security and privacy of identity data is ever greater.

2. User convenience

The freedom to move access control to smartphones, tablets, wristbands, watches, and other wearables offers increased choice and convenience for end-users, along with new and more convenient ways to open doors and gates. Today, smart devices are always on hand. Users don’t have to maintain and carry multiple cards and credentials.

3. Flexibility

Organisations need a system that is flexible enough to support multiple applications for managing not only physical access but also logical access (e.g. computer/software login, time and attendance, etc.) as well. Organisations that want to add new applications, such as time and attendance, secure print management, biometrics, cashless vending, and more, will need to issue an associated card to users.

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