Ready to upgrade to Access Portal?

We normally upgrade our mobile phones every two years, but many of our existing access control sites are over ten years old (we make them to last!).

If you’re not after the new technologies or improved security now available, that’s okay. But if you’re wanting to ensure you have the highest security, increased convenience and features that will meet your needs today and tomorrow … then it’s time to begin the journey to upgrading.

Migrating to Access Portal eliminates the vulnerabilities of legacy systems, whilst enabling you to take advantage of new technologies and features this class-leading software unleashes.

Access Portal’s dynamic access control technology provides many benefits over the older, more static ones, such as:

  • Greater security
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Increased usability
  • Support for new technologies
  • Constantly evolving new features

Add in our migration tools which make the upgrade simpler and easier than ever before and, if using an existing Impro system, the potential of no expensive rip-and-replace of hardware.

Why should I upgrade?

Download our datasheet to learn more about all the benefits and features of upgrading to Access Portal.


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