visitor-and-contractor-managementA key concern on any estate is the granting of access to unknown people, whether they are visitors, contractors or a resident’s employee. This is further complicated by the need to validate the information they provide –

simply because a person says they work for a particular resident, does not automatically mean it’s true.

This understanding is the cornerstone of Impro’s visitor and contractor management module, which seamlessly integrates into the Access Portal access control platform. In order to validate the information given, Access Portal performs a check of the visitor’s credentials from a known source, such as the resident or homeowners’ association. Through a cloudbased pre-authorisation module, residents are able to pre-enrol expected visitors and/or contractors through a standard web browser or a smartphone app.

The system is further enhanced as information can be accessed in real time, or retrospectively, through specially tailored reports which show the relationship between the resident and visitors or contractors. A key feature includes the ability to quickly view the number of visitors or contractors on site, those that have left the site, are no-shows, or have overstayed their allotted time in the estate.

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